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Just In Glass and Tinting has strived to offer its clients the best window tinting service at an affordable price.

We only use the highest quality products that are backed by a full lifetime of the vehicle warranty, so you can be assured that the work we do will always look superb and our products will perform to the highest international standards.

We offer our tinting services throughout Tamworth,  Our highly experienced installers understand your needs and can take you step by step through our free quoting process, making it as easy as possible for you.
Come down and check out our new customized car window tinting bay at Unit 19/84-92 Barnes St Tamworth!

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Q: How dark am I allowed to tint my car windows?
There are laws in place limiting the darkness or VLT (Visual light transmision) of the film that you can place on your car, there is currently a push within the tinting industry to create 1 limit that will apply to all states across Australia. There are many issue that can arrise from installing a film that doesn't meet the limits of your state. The current limit for a passneger vehicle is 35% VLT. You can view the films here on our Tint Simulator
Q: Hey there, do you guys workshop where I can come and see the different films you offer?
Yes, we sure do, Our customized car tinting facility is located at Unit 9/84-92 Barnes St Tamworth! We carry sample books and can give you brochures explaining the different benefits of each product. Give us a call or drop in and say G'day to Justin.
Q: What is the warranty your business offers with your window films?
We proudly offer a Nation wide lifetime of the vehicle warranty on all of our Automtive films, and a lifetime warranty on our residential films.
Q: Does Just In Window Tinting offer safety and security film installation in Tamworth?
Just In Window Tinting specializes in installing certified Safety and Security window films, and we have the knowledge and experience to offer the right advice, we also offer a range of Anti Graffiti window films for glass areas that are prone to vandalism. If you want to secure the glass in your home or office, give us a call today.
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